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Muhammed Kanyi, co-founder and CEO says:

“Businesses need to adapt to survive… However, while businesses recognize this, a lack of skills, coding or technical knowledge has traditionally been a barrier… We make it as easy and as affordable as possible for businesses to amplify their digital presence.”


You can choose out of a number of styles which give your online shop a distinctive look. Logo, colors and font style can be customized.


You don't need skills, coding or technical knowledge. We make it as easy and as affordable as possible for you to get online.


Promoting your new online shop so your existing and new customers can find you is a must. We showcase all shops on our Marketplace.

Social media

Promotion of your site on social media channels is also covered. On the site we can place links to the channels you use.


E-commerce may be new to you but rest asure it will help you to maintain sales and even grow your sales by creating an extra sales channel.

Help & Support

We are there for you in case you need support with your online shop. Contact us and we will answer all your questions.

Responsive Design

Your Online Store will look good and function well on any device.

During and post-COVID19 always open